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Timothy Galvin
Born in United States
18 years
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Condolences from Luginbuels www.honoringmemories.com May 13, 2008
Condolence from:   Amy Dover <abcd69@junct.com>
Hey sweetheart, I miss you so much!!!!!!!! On Monday Kam and I realized it woud've been you're 19th birthday, exactly 2 weeks before Kams 19th, I still can't believe that you are not still here with us, We so miss you're beautiful smile, and sweet personality, you were soooooo funny, I miss you crackin' us up!!! Kam & I tried to call your Mom on Mon. ( You're Birthday) But she did not answer, We Love her too... so much!, We worry about her, but we are afraid to call sometimes because we don't know if we will upset her by bringing up you! Well sweetie I know you are livin' it up in heaven, so We won't keep you, We Miss & Love you-Amy & Kam

Condolence from:   Timara Meeks <timarajmeeks2006@yahoo.com>
Today you would've turned 19! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!
We love you and we miss you.

"I will go to him, but he will not return to me"
(2 Samuel 12:23)

Condolence from:   Timara Meeks <timarajmeeks2006@yahoo.com>
I love you and I miss you so much, it doesn't seem like four months have passed. I have an indescribable empty ache in my heart and deep within my chest so often. I will see you again son.

Love Ya, Mom

Condolence from:   Amy Dover <abcd69@junct.com>
Hey sweetie it's been over 4 months since you've been gone, I still can't believe it, at times It still feels like you're still here, God knows I wish that was the case. A family of 4 was killed in an accident in Pryor, Becky & Shawn were at the scene, we went online to look them up, and I wrote their family a condolence, it brought back so many feelings...We all miss you so much, Kam is still a mess about it, it seems sometimes like he's given up hope, I worry so much about him, he almost came to be with you the other night, No offence, but I'm glad he didn't, he just seems so lost without you, Please ask God to send him some comfort and hope, I know he had no part of what happened to you, but he blames himself for not going to his room that night, we all think about the "What ifs" Kam needs help, I'm doing all I can, Please ask God to make this tragedy for the greater good, maybe he and I can help your Mom with her mission to stop this senseless tragedy from happening to someone else, then maybe we can have some sense of justice for your death...I miss & Love you so much...I'll see you when I get there, Amy

Condolence from:   Timara Jean Meeks <timarajmeeks2006@yahoo.com>
Timothy is my son. He was my life. He was going to begin classes at Rogers State University in January 2008. He was a soldier in the National Guard and would have been deployed for Iraq in November 2007, but he had scored a 56 on his ASVAP test for enlistment. His Sergeant said this was one of the highest scores he had seen in 6 years. Therefore, he was eligible fro the college first program. He would not have to be deployed if he was enrolled in college. He was at a party on November 7 2007. I was told that he had been drinking liquor and Tim was not in his right mind if he was drinking anything other than a few beers. Somebody "gave him" or "let him take" a deadly dose of Methadone and by the next morning his best friend had to be the one to find him dead in his bed. This was a tragic & unfortunate accident that I pray no other family will have to go through, but I know that it will happen again. That is why, I don't know how & I don't know what it will take, but i am starting to gather more information on Methadone availability and find out what regulations the government is actually enforcing. Then I will call every Senator, State Representative, Pharmacy Boards, Clinic and mother that has lost their child to this drug and maybe we can change something. If you have lost your child from a methadone overdose and would like to e-mail me:

God Bless,
Timara Jean Meeks

Condolence from:   Kameron
You were my best friend, you know I always like to say things face to face, and now I can't do that, and it sux! At least you know what I told you that morning, you know & that's all I really care about, you know me like no other, and you know how much you meant to me. That morning when I found you was the saddest moment in my life, along with losing my niece. It still doesn't seem real, but I know it was, and I hate it!!! I was your best friend, I should've known somehow something wasn't right with you, but I didn't have a clue, you were just normal Timmy to me when you went to bed. I said I'd always be there for you, but I guess I failed you bud, and I'm so sorry, and all I want to do is turn back time, and stop whatever happened. I miss you so much, my life is forever changed by this tragedy, but on the cool side of things my life was already changed just by having the honor of ever having you as my friend...Best friend ever. I'll see you when I get up there "dude" -much Love forever-Kameron-R.I.P. buddy
Condolence from:   Renee Smith Burns <burns_renee@yahoo.com>
Timara, I am so sorry I knew nothing about this till a week later when i ran into doug, he reminded my nickname eugene spot... you remember that...I have tried calling you but the number i have is no longer yours, please call me,,,,, i love you and will help you in any way i can just let me know.....918-808-2604 or 476-5820...please call me

Condolence from:   Tracy Galvin <clerk@wbok.net>
Hi Timara,
I am so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine how you feel seeing I've never had any kids. I remember when he was born & seeing him growing up. He will be missed & always remembered. I love you guys. Sorry I missed the services but wanted you to know I was thinking about you & will keep all of you in my prayers.


Condolence from:   Sandra Black
Timmy,I have only known you for a couple of years,but in that time you have left behind some very funny memories,like the night before you left this life, Stitch and I were on the couch and Stitch was sleeping and covered up, I guess you could not see him and you kept trying to sit down on top of him,"Iwould say,Timmy, Stitch is there you can not lay down on top of him,and you would say Sorry,but then a few minutes later you would be back and try again,I laugh about it every time I think about it.In the short time I have known you,I saw you as a fun-loving,caring,and out-going young man.You were blessed to have some good friends who really care about you.You keep an eye out for them til you meet again,you know who they are.My heart goes out to your family and friends.May God bless them and help them through this tragedy of your untimely passing.

Condolence from:   Amy Dover
Timmy, Hey my sweet baby, I can't believe this has happened. You were my sons best friend, we are all so proud to have had you in our lives. I hate it that you are gone away from us, but I know your death was not in vain. The circumstances of your death will prevent so, so many others from leaving the same way that you did. It says in the Bible that we all have a purpose; We don't always know what our purpose is, but I do know that if you had to leave the way you did- you will have prevented your closest friends from the same thing happening to them, because now they know what not to ever do, and Jesus said "There is no greater thing that a man would lay down his life for his friends". I believe that is what you did. You would've gone to Iraq to fight for the innocent, friends, family, America-which our constitution was written based on Christian beliefs and values; So I choose to believe you did lay down your life for all of us - even if it wasn't how we imagined it to happen.We miss you so much,Please ask God to send His angels to comfort & protect all of us who are broken hearted about losing you so soon & tragically, we all need the Lord, especially now after losing such a great guy, Every great memory of you will bring a smile to all of our faces-you silly boy you!!!untill we meet again in heaven-I Love you, my sweet Timmy- See you when I get there-Love you!!!Amy

Condolence from:   Beth
I remember a young boy that cared about a man that couldn't walk,He-Mike,had a stroke, and Timmy helped him everyday he was here, to be his friend, to make him comfortable, help him to get his chocolate milk, gget into bed, get any thing Mike needed. He helped me take care of him. He was a life saver, he was like a son to us. We can't believe he's gone, we love him so much!!! I've been hurt and sick not able to lift him on my own, Timmy did it for me and Mike. Mike loved him, that was his buddy & helper. We appreciated him so much, Timmy was a giver not a taker, Timmy was a beautiful, funny, sweet, young man! We are so sorry for your loss. We feel like we lost a son too . Love Beth & Mike Allen

Condolence from:   Sheila Dawson <oklahomacheer@hotmail.com>
Dear Timara,
I am so very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine only having your child for such a short period of time. I pray that God will comfort you and your family during this tragic time.


Condolence from:   Amy Dover
Hey Timera, I can't sleep, Ijust can't believe this is real- I don't want to. Kam And I have been sitting around wondering all the "what if's" Going nuts' He always crashed on the couch, but the one time he ends up laying down in a room we can't see him in-it happens. Why? I feel so horrible, If he was on the couch in the family room maybe we would've seen something wrong, got help, and he'd still be here. I would've been watching him if I had known what he had taken, I didn't know until it was too late. Why didn't my motherly instincts kick in and maake me check on him. He was grown, and i'd be infringing on his privacy if I went in a closed bedroom where he was, but why didn't my mind override that? I'd trade my life in a heartbeat for him to be back with us, God Imiss my Timmy so much, and I don't know what to do, he's gone and I feel like my heart is ripping, our baaby boy, so full of life & laughter, his smile lighting up the room. I feel so empty, I can't do this, I want him back with us so so much. I can't go in Kams room without crying, I'm so sad and angry, I love the Lord, I hope he helps us soon, I know our Timmy is with Him, but why did it have to be like this? I hate this. Yes I lost My gran daughter, but we had hours to prepare, I didn't with Timmy. I'M So sorry to be freaking out to you, but I know you get me. I just can't believe all of this. If you need us tell us, i need you, you are all we have left of our sweet Timmy. i just can't make any sense of it, and am afraid I won'T ever Know why. you had a beautiful son and he left this world with us here less than 20 ft> away, I'm so sorry, I wish I could turn time back and fix it all, i feel so sad. MY sons are devistated as I am. I just pray aand hope for peace about all of this< for all of us> love u amy

Condolence from:   Jessica Woods <jwoods719@yahoo.com>
We grew up together more like brother and sister then aunt and nephew. You, Adam and I were the rugrats, me being Angelica. But no matter how much crap I gave you, you always took it so well, and threw it back even better. I have so many great memories that have you in them. You always knew what to say to make everyone laugh and you never had a bad thing to say. You were always up for anything. When you joined the guard I told you you were crazy, we were all scared you were going to be deployed. But, I was so proud of you for getting everything together and joining the guard and enrolling in school. I'll never forget you.
We love you and miss you!
Aunt Jesse

Condolence from:   Brandon Pender
Timmy, im going to miss all the good times we all had togather with the whole group. but dont worry were all going keep having a great time and remember that you are still with us , and laughing at the retarded things we all do. however your mother is right it is hard for us when we are all togather and you arent in the middle. im gonna miss you pal. R.I.P

Condolence from:   jacob holloway
it so hard to believe that your gone you where my best friends and brother. we went to high school together, partied together, and lived together. i will always remember those times we joked, laughed, and brought joy and laughter to any room and in those precious memories i have, you will always be in my heart. i never got a chance to say goodbye so when i see you up in that great gig in the sky you owe me one hell of a hello.

i love you brother,
shake and bake.

to timara;
words cant express the sadness of what has happened to you and I'm so sorry, you are like a mom to me so if you have any problems or need anything I'm here for you always and next time alice in chains come to town you can bet ill buy you a ticket.


to chris;
im sorry for what happened to your son and what your going through you were more than his father you were his closest friend if you need anything me and tyler will always be there for you and timara our prayers are with you.


Condolence from:   Cmdr James J Palerino, DMD <jpalerino@yahoo.com>
I never thought that my first duty station would be the best. Not only did I meet the love of my life and the probably the best in-laws ever. But I met my stepson that I will love forever. One of the first times I met you is when you had a bad toothache and I took you to the dental clinic, you were only about 5 years olds but you let this red head yankee fix your teeth and you didn't even cry when I gave your lots of shots. You and Adam always made me happy. We had so many good times at our house in Tahlequah, swimming in the pool, playing in the garage, and being down in the dirt-only some would understand that. There will not be a day that goes by when I won't remember the joy you brought to me and my family. I am so proud that I am your uncle- I LOVE YOU TIM- Jim

Condolence from:   Lizzie
Lets not remember what happened but who you were. You were a great friend and always cared about your friends. You didn't deserve that, but we can't change the past. I'm so sorry but you were the greatest.

we all love you,

Condolence:  Becky Pender
e from: Hey Timmy,I miss you bub. You're my big brother by another mother. I can't believe this is real, I don't want to! Kam is taking it pretty hard. We all are. I'm sorry for when I wouldn't get off the computer for you, I guess where you are now you don't care, You are probably hanging out with your Grandma June, I know how much you loved and missed her, and your probably holding my beautiful baby niece Lexi. I miss you so much. I'll see you again someday, be waiting to give me a big hug! For all of Timmys' family, I want you to know you are not alone in your sadness, our family and friends love & miss him too, We are all praying for all who knew, love and miss him. You may not know me well, but I knew Timmy, and I love him, maybe when the time is right we can get everyone together and talk and remember, and laugh about our stories - all the laughter, and great memories Timmy gave to us. He always made people laugh, He was such a fun person, I think he'd like us to do that. None of us will ever forget him, and how sweet a guy he was! Love to all, Becky Pender

Condolence from:   Amy & Jeremiah Dover <amydcd1969@yahoo.com>
We all miss Timmy so much, He was Kamerons best friend since they first met.The best buds group of Kameron Pender, Jacob Holloway, Tyler Swain, Brandon Pender, & our Timmy will never be the same. He was funny, sweet, He would do anything for anyone with no strings attached. He was like a second son to us, and Beth and Mike Allen(Jacobs mom & step dad)) We are all in disbelief. We know he is happy in heaven, but here we are all so devistated to lose him, and can't begin to express how sorry we all are for your loss. I feel like I lost a son too. If you need anything at all-call or come by. Love Amy and Jeremiah Dover

Condolence from:   tyler swain
I miss you brother i don't know what to say, you were my best friend its so hard to believe this is real. i keep thinking that you're just going to walk through the door and tell us that this was all just a big joke, but i know that wont happen. i'm glad that i knew you man, when i get up there you're buying. i love you man this place wont be the same without you dude.goodnight brother.
Timara Meeks Timothy's Obituary May 12, 2008
Timothy Christopher Galvin Meeks, 18 year old Ketchum resident, passed away Thursday November 8, 2007. Timmy was a PVT 2, with Bravo Company, 120th Engineer Battalion, Army National Guard Unit of Pryor, Oklahoma. On May 11, 2007, He had graduated from basic training for Bravo Company, 2nd Platoon at the Army Maneuver Support Center in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He went on to complete his AIT training at NCTC Naval Base in Gulfport, Mississippi. Timmy returned home on July 13, 2007, He was scheduled to begin classes at TCC in the spring of 2008 to pursue his degree in engineering.

Tim was born April 21, 1989 in Miami, to Timara Jean Galvin and Chris Meeks. His mother was only 15 years old at the time of his birth; this made their relationship unlike any, they grew up together best friends until Timmy’s untimely departure. Timara and Chris were married on July 25, 1991, after her graduation from Vinita High School.

Tim was one of the most respectful, talented, humorous and determined young men that you would have ever met. Above all else he was so funny and comical. He enjoyed making his friends, family and strangers laugh with his quick wit and unforgettable smile. Tim loved music, computers, fishing and golf.

He was always very close with his family and had a very special relationship with his grandma, June Galvin Stoner, who preceded him in death in March of 2006 after an extended battle with cancer. Others who preceded him in death include, great aunts, Agnes Forbis, Kathie Briscoe and great-uncle Pat Galvin.

Tim is survived by; his mother Timara Galvin Meeks of Vinita, his father Chris Meeks of Tulsa, his grandparents, Tim Galvin of Vinita, Loyd and Betty Meeks of Parkhill, Oklahoma, great-grandmother, Lucille Galvin of Vinita, aunts and uncles, Jim and Jamie Palerino and sons Anthony Palerino and Adam Darr of Lewiston, Idaho, Adam and Jessica Woods of Tahlequah, Amy Thomas and daughter Taylor of Ketchum, John Daniel Phillips Galvin of Ketchum, Mike Thomas of Big Cabin, great aunts and uncles, Pete and Ouida Galvin of Catoosa, Mike and Johnnie Galvin of Vinita, Delbert and Frances Teel of Vedigris, Bernie Galvin of San Francisco, CA, Doris Simmons of Arkansas City, Kansas, Ethel McDorman of Tulsa, Louis and Helen Minson of Vinita, Jean Cass of Vinita, Sharon Lechlider of Vinita, Mary Rains of Vinita, Dale and Jeri Estep of Bluejacket, Billy and Donnie Ringwold of Stonewall, also many other relatives, loved ones, friends and battle buddies to numerous to mention.

The funeral service will be held Wednesday, November 14, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. at the First Baptist Church in Vinita, with Rev. Janice Hill officiating. Graveside services with full military rites will be held at the Fairview Cemetery at a time to be announced later. Memorial donations may be made to the Timothy Galvin Memorial Fund at the Oklahoma State Bank in Vinita and on Grand Lake. Online condolences may be made at www.honoringmemories.com. Arrangements are by the Luginbuel Funeral Home of Vinita.

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